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Free Merch!

They use to sell cars in only one color: black.

At Alternate Arts, we kind of like that. Therefore our t-shirts come in only one color, too. You guessed it: black. Like Johnny Cash’s wardrobe, like the color the Rolling Stones wanted to paint it, like the color AC/DC was back in.

They come in all sizes and they’re made well. It’s the best way to let everyone know you’re into Alternate Art.

And now, because you…

a) found this website andt's

b) you want a free t-shirt

Consider it done. Seriously. You email me your observations on art and the culture, or email me your art so I can feature it in a future post, and I’ll snail mail you the shirt upon your request and while supplies/sizes last. No fuss, no muss. Music, images, writing, videos all acceptable. Free t-shirt shipped to U.S. addresses only.

Just reply below or go through the contact button on the main menu and I’ll be in touch.

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