Fletch’s three great reasons to blog

Brian Fletcher, whose blog offers some great resources on leadership and personal development, shares his thoughts on the creative process behind blogging…

I’m a dad, husband, pastor, teacher, follower of Jesus and I blog.  But why?  Why would I take time out of my busy schedule to write something that nobody may never, ever see?  Isn’t that the definition of a complete waste of time?  I think not, and here’s why I blog:

I get to think out loud

I get the chance to write about what God is teaching me in life and the Scriptures.  I regularly have my own episodes of thought provoking ideas. Blogging gives me an outlet to “think out loud,” process, and mull over my thoughts.  I also believe that God is in the details of my life.  So I enjoy writing about some of the seemingly ordinary things that happen to me or I am involved with, but yet God puts a unique spin on them when he shows me that I am part of a story way bigger than myself.

I get to encourage others

I have a passionate desire to help others grow in their relationship with Christ.  While I am fully aware that the Holy Spirit is the central force in anyone’s growth in Christ, I also believe that God allows us to participate in the process.  Blogging gives me a particular outlet to encourage others.  I do have at least a small audience within our congregation but I’ve also seen how, through the mighty power of the world wide web, I can influence others on the other side of the globe. How awesome, and fun, is that?!

I get to reflect God’s glory

In a recent interview with a “real artist,” Ned Bustard, I realized that while I can’t draw a straight line, my writing is a form of art.  I strongly believe that words are important to God. Just think about the fact that Jesus is the “Word,” and the Bible is God’s “Word”. God has chosen to use the written Word to display his beauty to us.  Maybe I can in some way reflect God’s glory by writing words that proclaim the gospel.

I may not be as witty and creative as C.S. Lewis or have the vocabulary and intellect as Eric Metaxas, but at least I’m putting myself out there to let God use me however he desires and hopefully for his glory.

To learn more about Fletch visit his blog here.

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