In Flight, by Goya’s Vision

Spread out
Vanishing in all directions
The quilt of the earth

Marching over
The patchwork landscape
An amorphous army in odd formation
Commanded by an unseen general

All around
Muted murmuring
The omnipresent hum of the machine bird
The bump and jostle of invisible terrain

Fly white banners shredded and torn
Painted on the roof
Of the cerulean sky

High above
The thin blue shoreline of the void
Burn ancient processional lights
Sown across a field of inky black

Beyond, infinity

Words: Connell Byrne
Music: Jim Wall
Vocals: Juliet Greene
Acoustic guitar and bass: Jim Wall
Additional guitars: Bill Vencil
Mixed and Mastered by I.T.B. Audio Solutions
Produced by Jim Wall

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