On Creativity, with John Beiswenger

John Beiswenger knows about creativity, having brought multiple products into development, holding scores of patents, and producing a presentation called “Creative Problem Solving.” Did we mention he’s also the author of a series of novels? We recently had the opportunity to ask John his views on creativity and the work he’s doing now.

Alternate Arts: Many people view creativity as a somewhat vague, abstract concept. How do you see it?

John: Creativity is a discipline anyone can learn. It requires no special talent.

Alternate Arts: Does everyone have creative ability?

John: Yes, from the original Creator.

Alternate Arts: Then why do so many people fail to realize this or to utilize the creativity within them?

John: Young people are taught not to be creative: “Fill in the blanks, stay in the lines, don’t try something that will embarrass you if you fail.”

Alternate Arts: How does being a Christian influence your view of creativity?

John: The Holy Spirit indwells us. He has all of the answers to problems we are asked to resolve. All you need to do when the answers do not come is tell the Spirit you are not able to solve the problem. Then, trust your intuition, which is where the Spirit can communicate readily with your mind.

Alternate Arts: You’ve published three novels, a trilogy. Could you describe the basic plot lines or themes/concepts of the books?

John: The trilogy is all based on the Truly Astonishing Hypothesis that the soul is the atemporal component of our physical mind and it is involved in every thought, feeling and action we have and take. LINK, the first in the trilogy is about life (God, soul, Spirit), Village is about healing (a healing village) and Bridge is about death (“Death has lost its definition”). They are all Christian Sci-Fi novels, based on new science.

Alternate Arts: I understand you have a fourth novel that will soon be released, and that it continues the story of your first three books. Can you tell us a little about that and your anticipated release date?

John: There is a piece of the Hypothesis left over which is not covered by the trilogy. It will be explored in Sequential. Our soul/spirit leaves our physical body when it can no longer communicate with the temporal mind. This is what happens when we die. However, the separation can be induced without death and one can return to one’s physical body at will. With that, “Now, anything is possible!” Release date? Fall/Winter 2012-2013.

Alternate Arts: You’ve mentioned the discovery of a resource while you were doing research for your novel LINK, and you’ve recommended accessing this resource in problems we encounter, assignments we are given, and projects we undertake. Would you elaborate on this resource?

John: Your soul stores every memory you ever experienced and the experiences of your ancestors. This information is not always readily available. However, it is accessible by your sub-conscious, your intuition. Let the Holy Spirit suggest the answers to the problems which are already in the repository of your memory, your soul.

Alternate Arts: In your years of product research, design and development, you’ve placed over 65 products into production, and you’re named on over 20 U.S. utility patents and nine foreign patents. As you look back, what is a favorite highlight or memory of yours?

John: I enjoyed many of the projects I was assigned. I received the most letters from happy consumers who purchased the security devices I created when home intrusions were avoided. My all-time favorite project is the Presymtec Monitor which is still under development. It has the potential of saving hundreds of thousands of lives and helping more live healthier lives.

Alternate Arts: Could you share a little more about the projects you’re working on now?

John: With an architect, I am moving forward with the development of a Village (right from the novel) for 1,000 people. It promises to be a healing village for those in need.

Alternate Arts: What website(s) would you direct people to learn more about you, your writing, or the products you’re developing?

John: Please visit johnbeiswenger.com; you will also find a visit to presymtec.com  to be very interesting.

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