Wind of New Birth, by Goya’s Vision

Today my life somehow changed
All of my thoughts rearranged
I’ve been seeing the sun from the ocean floor
Soon the waves won’t hide it anymore

Bright rays of light blind my eyes
Rainbow streams down from the skies
I’ve been lifted to life on the land
Gently placed down on the sand

Standing up, walking the earth
Dancing in the wind of new birth
Healing in the shade of the trees
Cooling and resting in the breeze

Beautiful and ready is the bride
New city drops down from the skies
A lion walks out, becomes a lamb
Receives the scroll placed in his hand

A hand touches my face to clear
Ocean water mixed in with tears
Joy in the Lord is joy forever
My soul rises, and we are together

Words and music: Jim Wall and Juliet Greene
Featured vocalist: Juliet Greene
Backing vocals: Mark Reeve
Bass: Jim Wall
Drums: Jake Naugle
Strings: Leonard Wolf
Mellotron: Jim Wall
Mixed and mastered by I.T.B. Audio Solutions
Produced by Jim Wall

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